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A story of healing

Meet D. shelton

dom candle retouch-11.jpg


"A healing journey for Healing En Route Aromas is for anyone who is seeking growth in areas of life that they may feel is hindered" - D. Shelton.

 During my healing journey my go to tool was candles, lighting a candle and looking at the flame while inhaling it's beautiful aromas would allow my mind to escape from whatever negative thoughts I may have had. However, despite being able to escape, I knew self healing, self love and self care was not the intentions behind the candles  I would purchase; those candles were made to fill  my home with fragrance, I wanted a candle that was made to fill my spirit with a sense and scents of purpose.


This need of mine motivated me  to begin researching and putting in tireless hours to create a candle that I, and people like myself could enjoy, and use for more than just it's smell. These candles were created for more than just the home you live in, but also for the home of your spirit. 

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