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  • I have a large room which candle will be best to fill it?
    Remember our candles are purposley lightly scented to be used during intimate self reflecting moments for yourself, so they are not extremely strong, however to fill a large room with our light fragrances we would recommend our 11oz candles. Our 8 oz candles are better used for small spaces like bedrooms and bathrooms.
  • What is a scent throw?
    A scent throw is how boldy a scent is through out the space it is lit. We regognize our fragrances as lightly scented compared to most brands. We like to provide safe products so we limit the amount of fragrance we use; strong scents arent always safe scents. Bold: This is the strongest of our scents, the notes of this type of profile are quite strong and in your face. Moderate: This fragrance is soft BUT the throw is strong and bold Mild: Although the notes of this scent are bold, they create a soft blend with a nice scent throw Light: This scent will be the softest of all, it will not fill a room however, (despite the size) it will refresh your nose as you pass by.
  • How can I get the best scent throw?
    To maximize scent throw, burn in desired space for 45 mins with the door closed. Open windows and doors will disperse scent, extremely cold rooms can also limit scent throw.
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